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Example Lessons

Please note that the lessons on this page only include a small sample from different grade levels, and may not reflect the exact content available for your specific class. There are over 80 lessons currently available on the full site, with many more to come. To get full access to all of the lessons, including quizzes, you can register here.

Evaluating online information sources: The CRAAP Checklist
Indigenous Perspectives: New Diseases on Turtle Island
Safety First! The Race For a COVID-19 Vaccine
How to Test Ideas by Creating Experiments: The Scientific Method
Reading a Map
Classification of Living Things: Taxonomy
What is The Immune System?
Canada's Three Levels of Government
What is Global Inequality?
COVID-19 Misinformation: Fighting the Infodemic
What Are Antibiotics & How Do They Work?
Indigenous Perspectives: Hummingbird's Vaccine
Thinking Critically About Experiments: Correlation vs Causation
The Syrian Civil War (high school version)
Meningococcal (Meningitis) Vaccine

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  Oct 19, 2020