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Top 5 Teams

Team School Members Vaccines
Adelborg's Boosters Randerson Ridge Elementary 30 628
Vac-a-gators (8-1) Southgate Middle School 24 578
Putney's Class Lady Grey Elementary 24 510
Needles R Us (8-2) Southgate Middle School 26 497
Jimmy John's Bakery Lynnmour Elementary School 25 447

Earn a vaccine for someone in need by answering a quiz question!

For every quiz you pass, vaccines will be donated to someone in need. Take a bunch, and you can immunize a whole family, or even a village!

Map of All Schools

161,281 questions answered and
8,479 vaccines earned for children in support of UNICEF since March 2018.

Act Locally. Immunize Globally.

Kids Boost Immunity makes learning fun by turning individual knowledge about immunization into vaccines for children through UNICEF.

Recently Joined

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