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Our Funding Partners

Educate Locally. Immunize Globally.

Kids Boost Immunity is supported by the community, government, and corporate partners. Our donors support our mission to develop critical thinking, health literacy, and global citizenship among Canadian students. KBI lessons help shape social norms about the importance of immunization by empowering students to answer questions to earn vaccines for children in support of UNICEF (i.e. kids helping kids.) Your support inspires hope by giving children the opportunity to not only identify and learn about a problem but to do something about it. Together, we help students to act locally to help globally!



MinistryofHealth    Public Health Agency of Canada


Change Agents

Trottier Foundation


Global Leader

BCCDC      BGC Canada Sanofi


Merck     Antibiotic Wise     GlaxoSmithKline      NSERC      Pfizer



Public Health Scotland     Pacific Blue Cross



Innovate BC    Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation 




In-kind Partners and Collaborators

UNICEF Canada Canadian Commission for UNESCO


Vaccine Evaluation Center ImmunizeBC  CANImmunize BCCDC Foundation for Public Health 

        Defining Moments Canada        Think Young      Digital Public Square


Founding Partners

MinistryofHealth     PHABC     BCCDC FraserHealth


FNHA    InteriorHealth   VCH     


      NorthernHealth      BCPharmacy      IslandHealth

  Apr 26, 2024