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Steve Brugger, teacher at Green Timbers Elementary, Surrey, British Columbia.
Heidi Crowley, grade 7-11 teacher at Gray Academy of Jewish Education. Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

"I love how well the Kids Boost Immunity site aligns to the science unit. It's a great resource which helps the students understand the importance of vaccination."

- Deborah, Grade 8 Science Teacher

"My students really loved using the KBI lessons. Not only were they proud of all the vaccines they raised for UNICEF, but it sparked important questions about why we get vaccines and how they protect us. I will definitely be using this for my students next year."

Janet, Grade 5 & 6 Socials Teacher

"They were able to work at their own pace and delve into subject material at any time. Many were keen to work after hours as well as during class time."

- Dana, Grade 8 Science Teacher

“As soon as my classes realized they could actually help other children around the world by learning about concepts we would be studying anyway, they became very invested. A telling sign of student buy-in is when they continue to use the program and explore the site even after the activity is finished. Walking down the hall and hearing discussions about herd immunity or T versus B cells, I could tell that the learning would continue for my students because they had been given the opportunity to have a positive global impact with their efforts.”

- Heidi, Grade 7-9 Socials Teacher

"My students felt like global citizens learning about bacteria and viruses in class, then completing a quiz to earn a vaccine for a child in a developing country. Thank you for the opportunity to make a small difference in a big way."

- Lisa, Grade 7 Science Teacher

"All the grade 6 teachers at both my schools are registered/registering with the Kids Boost Immunity program. I have had such great feedback from the teachers regarding the program. I had a mom stop me at the rink this past weekend to rave about how fantastic the resource has been and that she and her son have been doing lessons outside of school time, and she appreciates the information and the conversations it has created. She was wanting me to pass that information along with her family’s appreciation." 

- a BC School Nurse

"It was fun earning vaccines with the class, and it helped the students learn the curriculum. It also resulted in good discussions about health care in developing countries."

- Geoff, Grade 8 Science Teacher

"It helped make us more aware of the importance and truth about vaccinations. We were educated and learned about the vaccinations we were given instead of someone just saying, "Come here and let me poke your arm!"  We learn, and then earn, so others will have a fair turn."

Wendy, Grade 6 & 7 PE and Health Teacher

"My students and I enjoyed using Kids Boost Immunity because it's both science and health at the same time. There is a real world connection with public health campaigns or advocacy and science learning outcomes. Our next move will be to draw our understanding on the issue of immunization and how it could be shared on various digital platforms. Thanks KBI!"

- Gigi, Grade 6-9 Science, Health, Education and Technology Teacher

They are excited. When I told them they can earn vaccines for others, their eyes lit up.  They only had 15 minutes this class, but it was soooo engaging for them.

Thank you for this great resource!

- Michelle, Grade 8 Science Teacher

  May 1, 2024