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2024 - Thank You From UNICEF Canada!


Dear Students on Kids Boost Immunity,

World Immunization Week is from April 22nd to 30th, and it is a great reminder of the importance of vaccines in helping kids stay healthy.

This year, KBI and UNICEF have worked together to create an interactive activity to show our appreciation for your massive contribution to earning vaccines to help protect children around the world. If you prefer not to use the map, see further down the page to take part in the activity using a more typical KBI lesson format.

How do I complete the activity below?

  1. We will begin at the KBI headquarters in British Columbia, Canada. You must complete all activities within each presentation to advance. Keep retrying until you get the correct answer!
  2. Go through each location presentation by clicking the bottom arrow pointing to the right until you get to the summary slide. A ‘continue’ button will appear in the bottom right corner. Click this button, and the next location on the map will open.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you’ve reached the final destination. Be sure to pay attention while doing the activity, you will be tested on it in the quiz!

Click the top right button in the activity to get the full-screen experience!

The lesson below is the same as the map activity above. If you’ve completed the activity, scroll down and click the Start Quiz button to test your knowledge and earn even more vaccines to be delivered by UNICEF!

As a student on KBI, you are making real change by learning locally and vaccinating globally.

Thanks to your help, more children are getting protected against diseases through vaccination.

Each quiz you answered on Kids Boost Immunity helped a child to get the vaccine they need.

KBI students help provide vaccines worldwide through UNICEF, which decides where they're needed most and delivers them. Their goal is to make vaccines more accessible in countries least able to pay for them.

UNICEF aims to ensure all children can get the vaccines they need for a healthy life and, with its partners, reaches nearly half of the world's children each year. KBI has been partnering with UNICEF since 2018, with most student donations going through UNICEF Canada.

In this journey, you will explore your global impact by stopping in Denmark, Afghanistan, and Cameroon. The final stop is back in Canada with a special thank you message from UNICEF Canada dedicated to KBI students!

Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark, home to UNICEF’s Supply Division. It is the world’s largest humanitarian warehouse.

From the warehouse, thousands of items are shipped across the globe, including essential health supplies like vaccines and syringes.

We've come full circle back to Canada.

Here is a special video from UNICEF, thanking students for their efforts as change agents!

UNICEF Thanks KBI for 2023-2024 season!


  Apr 18, 2024