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Unit Plan: International Women's Day (10-12)

Unit Plan: International Women's Day (10-12)

Click here to access the printable version of this unit plan overview.

This unit plan overview provides links to all lessons along with links to accompanying teacher support materials that include:

  • Literacy building vocabulary worksheets
  • Numeracy activity
  • Inquiry activities (support materials are provided as needed)

NOTE - answer keys/marking guides are accessible only by teachers and are located at the bottom of this page.

Teachers can use/adapt any of these materials as needed.

When possible, content will be updated yearly for relevancy and to check links. However, teachers may find that over time links to external sources become unavailable. Teachers may want to consider replacing these with alternate sources.

The International Women's Day lessons and links to resources are listed below. There are comprehension and reflection worksheets for each lesson. Some options for use: 

  • Have students choose 1 or more to complete rather than doing them all
  • Students can work in groups to do them all together and discuss reflections
  • In groups of 3, students do 1 or 2 lessons on their own then share & discuss reflections

Download worksheets and make available to your students:








Here are activities designed for students to celebrate the accomplishments of women who are inspirational to them.  They have been developed for different ages and are all included here for teachers to use/adapt/combine as preferred:


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Apr 17, 2024