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Getting Students to Join Your Class / Team

Getting Students to Join Your Class / Team

In order for students to use KBI, they must be registered to a team. Please refer to the user guide for Creating a Team / Class for more details on how to create your own team. Please note that students do not see the same things as teachers. For example, they don't see user guides and cannot select a grade. In addition, teachers do not earn vaccines.

Click here for a printable PDF that summarizes these instructions for your students.

Students can register by going to the SIGN UP button at the top right of the main screen. They will fill out a very easy form that takes less than a minute to complete.

Students will be required to complete the following:

  • Click the button next to student
  • Enter their first name only (or any name that you can identify them by)
  • Enter the first letter of their last name (or any letter you can identify them by)
  • Type in the team registration code that you have created. For more on this, refer to the Creating a Team / Class user guide
  • Enter a password of their choice, twice
  • Click on Create new account

Optional: Teachers can download this student worksheet and give to students to keep track of their account name, password, and assigned lessons. Teachers can use/adapt in whatever way they need after downloading.

Notes on the end of the school year

Please note that at the end of the school year, all student accounts and associated data are anonymized. This means that after the school year ends:

  • Students can no longer use the site with the account they created
  • No one (including admins of KBI) can identify any students with their results
  • Teachers cannot see individual student scores. However, they can see broad aggregate information, such as the number of vaccines earned as a team

Furthermore, team registration codes are reset each school year. Teachers can use the same registration code every year, if they wish to do so, and as long as another teacher has not already selected the same registration code for the current school year.



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Apr 26, 2024
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