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Viewing Lessons

Viewing Lessons

To view lessons, click on LESSONS in the blue banner above. Here you can filter the lessons by subject and by grade. Different grades are shown different lessons specifically designed to meet curriculum outcomes by subject. All teachers, regardless of the grade they are teaching, are able to see all lessons in all grades.

NOTE - students do not have the same view as teachers. Students can only see the lessons for their grade.

Once you have selected a grade, you will see a list of different subject topics.

When you click on a topic, the lessons for that topic appear below.

Click on a lesson, and away you go!

Questions? Leave a comment below!

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Sep 2, 2021

 98,655 questions answered and 7,379  vaccines earned in support of UNICEF this school year.

2,878,032 questions have been answered and 204,274 vaccines have been earned for children in support of UNICEF since March 2018.

(Updated every few minutes.)

Thank you for acting locally to help immunize globally.

You are helping people around the globe get immunity to diseases like polio, tetanus and measles that can be prevented or even eliminated through vaccination! Thank you for all the great work!