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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kids Boost Immunity (KBI)?

KBI is an online teaching resource linked with science, social studies, and other curriculums. By completing quizzes, students have the opportunity to earn vaccines for children UNICEF Canada. The more a student learns, the more vaccines they earn for children in need through UNICEF - it’s that simple!

Do these resources fit with the curriculum?

KBI provides a unique and tailored interactive classroom experience that is carefully curated to follow the school curriculum. In particular, our focus is on meeting the learning standards of the grade 4-12 curriculum in science and social studies. There are different education curriculums across Canada and the world, so content is tailored over time to fit the unique needs of different regions.

What are the benefits of registering since you have sample lessons on the site already?

Sample lessons are provided so teachers can see the topics and lessons that are available on the site. The full site includes the online quizzes for students that allow students to earn vaccines and learn in a fun and engaging way, as well as options for teachers to manage their classroom teams and assess learning outcomes.

What information do you require from teachers and students?

The privacy of teachers and students is of utmost importance at KBI. While we do require teachers to provide some information in order to prevent fraudulent accounts, we do not require or store any personal/identifiable information about students. Our Privacy Policy is available on the site. Follow this link for more information

Can we trust the information on the KBI website?

KBI is dedicated to bringing accurate, reliable and accessible information to students using digital technology. Our team consists of teachers, researchers, and healthcare professionals. Follow this link for more information

Is KBI free?

Yes. All of the resources, lessons, and quizzes on KBI are available for teachers and students entirely free. KBI is supported by funding from public and private partners for costs associated with maintaining and promoting the online platform, developing educational content, and purchasing vaccines through UNICEF Canada.

Is there a French version?

Yes! The French version is available at

Can I have access to both the English and French versions?

Teachers can have access to both English and French version of the site. However, this will require signing up to two different accounts, with two different emails. Students will only have access to one version of the site at a time, which is determined by the language of the Teacher's account.

Who can be a KBI partner?

KBI does not accept funding from tobacco or alcohol companies, or any business harmful to the health of kids. Public and private partners are recognized on the KBI website. Private partners are not part of curriculum content decisions, and they are not able to influence the choice of vaccines purchased through UNICEF. Follow this link for more information

What vaccines are donated to UNICEF?

Kids Boost Immunity directly purchases tetanus, polio and measles vaccines through UNICEF. The goal is to increase the availability of vaccines in countries least able to pay for them. We may purchase vaccines with other branches of UNICEF etc depending on the location of the student.

Shouldn't you just give vaccines away anyway?

As a government funded public health initiative, our mandate is not tied to UNICEF. Our mandate is to educate and inform the public about why immunization is an important part of keeping communities healthy. We buy vaccines as part of the incentive for students to learn more about immunization and other related topics. Think of it as a "matching" donation - we are matching a student’s effort to learn with a vaccine donation to UNICEF. It's a win-win-win!

How many vaccines have been donated to UNICEF so far?

There is a vaccine counter on the site that keeps track of how many vaccines are being earned in real time!

I’m not a teacher or a student. Can I use the site?

KBI is tailored for teachers and their classroom students in Canada. Kids Boost Immunity is based on a sister-site called I Boost Immunity (IBI) that also utilizes online quizzes to raise literacy about immunization. Try out the IBI site which was developed for adults and the general public.

I’m homeschooling. Can I use the site?

Yes, KBI can be used by educators in homeschooling environments. Please contact us, and we can assist in setting up the site for you.

I am a school librarian. Can I use the site?

School librarians can promote and use the KBI resources. School librarians can partner with teachers in their school on the best ways to use the KBI site to reinforce classroom learning. If you are a school librarian and are interested in promoting KBI to teachers in your school contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

My school is not in Canada. Can I use the site?

At this time, KBI is available in Canada and Scotland primarily. However, the site is also available to the world at large on a case-by-case basis. Just email us at if you'd like your class to join KBI!

Is KBI available to use throughout the year?

The online platform is available throughout the year, however there are additional technical supports for teachers available from September to June. In addition, the site resets around July to prepare for the new school year.

I teach grades/classes that aren’t listed in the suggested curriculum. Can I use the site?

As a teacher, you are best suited to decide what resources meet the needs of your students and are appropriate for their age and literacy level. Feel free to register on the site and review the materials. You can choose to use whatever materials are a good fit for your classes.

How do teachers register?

There are step-by-step instructions here: In addition, any teacher can contact for help getting started.

As a teacher, why do you need my email? How will it be used?

We require teachers to provide some information in order to prevent fraudulent accounts. Your email is a unique identifier that is not visible to anyone else on the KBI site, including the students you add to your class Team. You can register using any email address you choose, but we encourage the use of a school email as it helps verify that you are a teacher.

What happens if several teachers at the same school want to use KBI?

Each teacher just needs to register with a unique email address, and each teacher can then sign up their students as a class Team (up to 35 students). The same teacher can sign up several class Teams if they have more than one class.

Why can’t kids register by themselves to do the quizzes?

KBI is designed to be used in classrooms. This is both to protect the privacy of kids, and to facilitate group learning. Once they are registered as part of a class Team, kids can keep learning and earning vaccines at home using extra quizzes that can be found on the “Earn More” area of the site.

How is this different from I Boost Immunity?

Kids Boost Immunity is based on a sister-site called I Boost Immunity (IBI) that utilizes online quizzes to raise literacy about immunization. KBI is tailored for teachers and their classroom, while IBI’s primary target is adults.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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  Feb 29, 2024