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How We're Funded

Kids Boost Immunity was developed and is administered through the Public Health Association of British Columbia, with financial support from the BC Ministry of Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada. The program is coordinated through the BC Centre for Disease Control.

The Government of British Columbia

Public Health Agency of Canada

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Public Health Association of BC

BC Centre for Disease Control


Additional Supporters

Kids Boost Immunity relies on additional support to help purchase UNICEF vaccines earned by students. Our goal is to raise literacy about topics such as immunization, antibiotics and global health and funding from other supporters in no way influences the editorial choices around educational content posted on Kids Boost Immunity.

Pacific Blue Cross Antibiotic Wise Antibiotic Wise Sanofi Pasteur

In-Kind Partners and Collaborators

UNICEF Canada Vaccine Evaluation Center ImmunizeBC BCCDC Foundation for Public Health CANImmunize Defining Moments Canada


Join Us!

Kids Boost Immunity is seeking government, foundation and corporate partners with an interest in global health, immunization, science and humanitarian education for children or innovative uses of gamification for social change. If you are an organization with an interest in any of these areas, please contact us about becoming a sponsor or partner!

Shouldn't you just give vaccines away anyway?

Great question! As a government funded public health initiative, our mandate is not tied to UNICEF. Our mandate is to educate and inform the public about why immunization is an important part of keeping communities healthy. 

Essentially, we are pledging to buy a vaccine as students educate themselves around topics covered on KBI. Think of it as a "matching" donation - we are matching a student’s effort to learn with a vaccine donation to UNICEF. It's a win-win-win!

What vaccines are donated to UNICEF?

Kids Boost Immunity directly purchases tetanus, polio or measles vaccines through UNICEF Canada exclusively.

I want to help donate vaccines!

You can help fund Kids Boost Immunity reach more classes and vaccinate more children by donating to UNICEF through this link. 100% of all funds donated through our link goes towards buying more vaccines through KBI!

Last modified: 
Sep 10, 2019