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On this page you can browse and explore the sources for the content shared on Kids Boost Immunity (as well as additional resources). If you're looking to learn more, these are great places to start!

Critical Thinking and Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Information Sources:
McMaster University, BHSc Library Research Guide - The CRAAP Test
Immunization Information on the Internet: Can you trust what you read?

CIA - Biases in Perception of Cause and Effect

Correlation Vs. Causation:
Spurious Correlations
Night Lights Don't Lead To Nearsightedness, Study Suggests

Global Inequality

The relationship between immunization and poverty:
Gavi - Study: vaccines prevent not just disease, but also poverty
Unicef, Immunization Programme
Unicef, Immunization: Saving Lives and Protecting Futures
Unicef USA - Infographic: 1.5 Million Kids Don't Get The Vaccines They Need. Why?

Details on the poverty trap:
Science - Why so much of the world is stuck in a 'poverty trap'
Rice University - The Poverty Trap

History of vaccine misinformation:
NPR - A Cow Head Will Not Erupt From Your Body If You Get A Smallpox Vaccine
CBC - B.C. poll suggests 'concerning' levels of belief in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories

Vaccine supply chain and challenges:
Unicef, Immunization Programme
Unicef Canada - Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission
WHO - The vaccine cold chain

Syrian War and Fighting Polio:
National Geographic - Fighting Polio Amid the Chaos of Syria’s Civil War
BBC - Why is there a war in Syria?
BC Centre for Disease Control - Polio

Canada's Three Levels of Government

Legislative Assembly of Ontario - Three Levels of Government Lesson Plan
Public Health Ontario - Municipal by-law development and public health: A primer
Public Health Agency of Canada - What is public health?

Canada's Interactions With The Global Community

World Health Issues:
WHO - Ten threats to global health in 2019
CityNews - Does Canada's healthcare system treat everyone equally?
WHO - Who we are & history

Various Maps / Latitude and Longitude:
Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Using Longitude and Latitude
The Open University - Latitude and Longitude
National Geographic - Interactive Mapmaker
International Diabetes Federation - Diabetes Atlas
WHO - Global Health Observatory Data (Malaria)
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - Gross National Income - Vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks
Vaccine Confidence Project - The state of vaccine confidence: 2016
Vaccine Safety Net - VSN Members

DHMO Hoax:
The Guardian - Something in the dihydrogen monoxide

Vaccine Hesitancy and Misinformation:
NPR - A Cow Head Will Not Erupt From Your Body If You Get A Smallpox Vaccine
CBC - B.C. poll suggests 'concerning' levels of belief in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories
Heidi J. Larson et. al - The State of Vaccine Confidence 2016: Global Insights Through a 67-Country Survey
ImmunizeBC - Why Vaccinate?
WHO - Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Public Health Agency of Canada - Smallpox

Statistics Canada - Diabetes, 2016
International Diabetes Federation - Diabetes Atlas

WHO - Global Health Observatory Data (Malaria)
WHO - World Malaria Report

Canada's response to vaccine hesitancy at home:
First Nations Health Authority - About us
First Nations Health Authority - Traditional Wellness Strategic Framework
Kids Boost Immunity - Who we are
Public Health Agency of Canada - Vaccines and Immunization

Canada's response to vaccine hesitancy abroad:
Vaccine Confidence Project - The state of vaccine confidence: 2016
Vaccine Safety Net - VSN Members
Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance - Canada

HPV and HPV vaccine coverage around the world:
BMC Public Health - Decline in HPV-vaccination uptake in Denmark – the association between HPV-related media coverage and HPV-vaccination
CNN - Why Rwanda could be the first country to wipe out cervical cancer
ImmunizeBC - HPV
WHO - Achieving High Coverage in Rwanda's National Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Programme

On Meteorites and Chances of Death:
Prof. Stephen A. Nelson - Meteorites, Impacts, and Mass Extinction - Odds of Death By Asteroid? Lower Than Plane Crash, Higher Than Lightning

Immune System & Vaccines

CANImmunize - Immunity Warriors
ImmunizeBC - Vaccines by Disease
CDC - Understanding How Vaccines Work

Homeostasis and Wellness

Feedback Loops: Insulin and Glucagon -


Preventing Superbugs

BCCDC - Tuberculosis
World Health Organization - Tuberculosis

Indigenous People, Racial Segregation in Healthcare, and TB
Canadian Public Health Association - TB and Aboriginal People
The Canadian Encyclopedia - Indian Hospitals in Canada 
CBC - 'Our people were experimented on': Indigenous sanatorium survivors recall medical tests
CBC - The story of a separate and unequal Canadian health care system
Active History - Bacille de Calmette-Guérin, or BCG Vaccine for Tuberculosis

The Spread of Infectious Disease & Outbreaks

What are Outbreaks? - Vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks
WHO - Disease Outbreaks

Smallpox and Colonialism
Kiran Van Rijn - “Lo! the Poor Indian!” Colonial Responses to the 1862-63 Smallpox Epidemic in British Columbia and Vancouver Island​​​
Maclean's - How a smallpox epidemic forged modern British Columbia
First Nations Health Authority - Our History, Our Health

Fraser Valley Measles Outbreak
Canada Communicable Disease Report 41-7 - Outbreak of Measles in an unvaccinated population, British Columbia, 2014

Bonus Content

Unicef Canada - Vaccination drive ongoing to protect children from deadly measles outbreak in Ukraine

Why is There a Flu Season?
Popular Science - FYI: Why Is There A Winter Flu Season?
Harvard University, Science in the News - The Reason for the Season: why flu strikes in winter
Scientific American - Why do we get the flu most often in the winter? Are viruses more virulent in cold weather?

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

World Health Organization - Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

BC Centre for Disease Control - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government of Canada - Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Coronavirus Disease 2019

Rosetta@Home COVID-19 Project

CBC News - How close are we to a vaccine for COVID-19?

The New York Times - Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

  Jan 7, 2022