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Team Updates

Team Updates

Team updates is a way to communicate with your students within the KBI platform. These can be used to post assignments, deadlines, expectations, additional material, updates, etc. Some teachers also use updates to highlight achievements or team milestones, or simply to post fun messages to keep the class engaged. It’s completely up to you!

Team updates show up on the team page itself. It's like a small news bulletin that will stay on the team page for as long as you wish. Team updates can only be seen by members on your team. Furthermore, team updates can only be posted/deleted by the team creator.

How to post a Team Update

To post a team update, go to My Teams and click on the team for which you'd like to post an update.

Once on your team page, scroll down to the admin area and click on Post a team update.

There are several options from which you can choose.

  • Title - This is the title of the team update.
  • Image - You can choose to include an image with your team update.
  • Body - This is where the text goes. If you click on Edit Summary, you can edit the small snippet that shows up when you are on the team page.

You can also choose to send all team members a private message notifying them of this update.

To see your new team update (or if students want to see it), go to My Teams and click on your team. Scroll to the bottom, and it will be under Team Updates.

If you click Read more, you can see the full text in the update and the url for that specific update.

Once you are on the page for that specific update, you can also edit it by clicking Edit. All the options that were available when you created the update will be again.

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Nov 25, 2021
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