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There are several leaderboards on KBI. These leaderboards rank teams and schools across the site. The exception is the team-only leaderboard, which is on the team page. This leaderboard ranks students within the team and cannot be seen by anyone outside the team. 

Below, you can learn about the different leaderboards, where to find them, and the different options you have to sort or display them.



Leaderboards by Location

Current Leaders vs All-Time Leaders

Current Leaders shows the leaders for the current school year (September to July). This is the default setting.
All-Time Leaders gives you the ability to see the top teams from each school year

All of KBI vs International vs Canada vs Provincial

All of KBI shows results across the site, regardless of location.
International shows only the schools outside Canada.
Canada shows only schools within Canada.
Provincial shows results within each province in Canada.

Sorting leaderboards by different criteria

If you click on any of the headers above the columns, the leaderboard will sort according to that criteria.

School - Will sort by name, alphabetically.
Questions Answered - Will sort by the number of questions answered.
Vaccines - Will sort by vaccines earned. This is the default setting
Students - Will sort by number of students.


School leaderboard

You can also access a leaderboard within your school. If you have other teams (or other teachers with teams), your teams can compete against each other to see who has earned the most vaccines! This can be accessed in two ways.

1 - By going to your team page and scrolling to the bottom right, such as below:

2 - By clicking on your school name anywhere that's possible (such as in the leaderboards). When you do, you'll be taken to a page with information about the school, including the teams in that school. This will look like the picture below:

None of the leaderboard options discussed so far show any individual student results. However, you can use the Team Leaderboard if you'd like to enable this feature for your team.

Team leaderboard

You have the option to show the team leaderboard on your team page, which will look like the picture below:

This is set in the Edit Team page. To learn more about the options under Edit Team, refer to the Creating a Team user guide. This leaderboard displays rankings of your students' performances in close to real-time, based on the number of vaccines earned. This leaderboard can be seen by your students if you enable it.

Teachers have full control of the display of this leaderboard. Teachers can choose whether or not to display the team leaderboard to their team. There are three settings, which are self-explanatory:

  1. List All Students
  2. List Top 10 Students - This is the default setting
  3. Do not display leaderboard

By refreshing this page, the leaderboard can be updated close to real-time. This can be a fun way to encourage students to continue taking quizzes while in class.


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Oct 19, 2023
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