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Cross-Curricular Inquiry Research Assignment

This lesson is meant for grades 4-7.

Welcome to Kids Boost Immunity! One of the best ways to use Kids Boost Immunity is to use it as a way to complete a research assignment. This section gives you instructions and helps you pick and choose a research assignment - so ask your teacher if you’ll be using the integrated Kids Boost Immunity assignment (teachers,check the Teachers Guide section for more information). If you are, keep reading. If not, you can skip this entire section. Don’t worry though! There are no vaccines that can be earned in this section.

Ok, are you ready? Let’s Go!

Kids Boost Immunity is a website with lots of information. From the three levels of government, to information about global inequality, to learning about health and diseases - there’s lots of information covering many different topics. Your job is to pick one of the research topics below and use this site as a place to gather information to complete your research. Your teacher will provide further guidance and a deadline to complete your assignment.

As you take lessons and quizzes on Kids Boost Immunity, remember to take notes if you come across information that will help you with your topic.

If you think of your own research question or topic, ask your teacher for permission before moving forward.

(*On the site there are seven different topic choices, not just the three below)

1 - Create a virtual tour of municipal, provincial, and federal government services related to keeping you safe from infectious diseases.

Create a virtual tour of municipal, provincial, and federal government services related to keeping you safe from infectious diseases. Find pictures to create a collage/poster or put in a chart: name of health service, level of government, how the health service helps, and why it is important.

There are many infectious diseases in the world. Fortunately, many can also be prevented through vaccines. Other times, public health officials help contain diseases as well. Your job is to create a virtual tour of the different ways that different governments help keep you safe from infectious diseases. When you work on this, consider the following:

  • How do the three levels of government help prevent infectious disease?
  • What does a public health official do once there is an outbreak?
  • What are the differences between outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics?
  • How are infectious diseases spread?

 2 - Describe the actions you think we should take to eliminate global inequality in immunization.

Not every child has access to life-saving vaccines. There are many causes for this. Your assignment is to write a blog post or news article on this topic. Suggest two ways that we could solve this issue.

  • When you work on this, consider the following:
  • What is the impact of not having access to vaccines? How does it impact a child, especially in developing countries?
  • What are the causes of inequality in childhood immunization?
  • What are some organizations and ideas that are working on it already? Do you think they are doing a good job? Are there other ways we can help?

3 - An Indigenous story writer worked with Elders to share stories about Turtle Island. Explore the themes in these stories.

An Indigenous story writer worked with Elders to share stories about Turtle Island (or some people call it North America) on Kids Boost Immunity. All of Turtle Island’s land was completely full of sovereign Indigenous Nations or Tribes, and they had their own stories of origin, languages, cultures, political systems, teachings and governance systems. When Europeans first came to Turtle Island, they brought infectious diseases that Indigenous Peoples had never seen before. This is an important part of our Canadian history and our lives today.

Write a research essay, or create an illustration combined with a short description to explore:

  • The impacts of new infectious diseases on the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island
  • One or more actions you can take to help keep you healthy and well for each of the following: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.

When you work on this, consider the following:

  • Describe Turtle Island and Indigenous Peoples before the arrival of Europeans and colonization
  • What are some of the diseases that Europeans brought to Turtle Island?
  • Why were these new diseases so deadly?
  • What are some traditional practices that are important to health and wellness?
  • How does the First Nations Health Authority reflect culture in healthcare, and how does that help fight vaccine misinformation?

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  Sep 18, 2020