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How to Handle Your Shots Like a Champ - Part 1

This is the grade 6-9 version of this lesson. There are also grades 4-5 and 10+ versions on the site.

In this lesson, you will learn about why you get vaccines in school and ways to be less anxious on immunization day.

You don’t usually learn much about vaccines (also called needles or shots) in school, but they are really important for your health. In this lesson, you will learn about vaccines and what to expect on immunizarion day. 

Are you nervous about getting needles? 

Many people are!


In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the CARD system to have a better immunization experience. 

Let's start with a video where Angelo talks about vaccines and how to prepare for immunization day at school.

Wow! Angelo has really done his research. Click on the questions below to review what you’ve learned so far.
What are vaccines?

Vaccines are medicines you can take to prevent some diseases before they happen. 

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines work by teaching your body how to recognize and fight off certain disease-causing germs. 

That way, if your body comes into contact with the germ in the future, it will know how to fight it off before it makes you sick. 


Why do I need vaccines?

Vaccines protect you against serious diseases that can make you really sick. 

These diseases can even be deadly. 

When you get vaccinated, you help protect others too!

Are vaccines safe?

Yes. Vaccines are very safe. Doctors and scientists study vaccines very well to make sure they are safe.

What should I do before immunization day?

Take the vaccine permission form home and talk about it with your parent or guardian. Bring the signed form back to school. 

The nurses at your local health unit can answer questions about vaccines.

What should I do on immunization day?

Make sure to wear short sleeves and eat breakfast. 

What happens on immunization day?

Public health nurses come to your school to give vaccines. 

First, the nurse will ask you a few questions about how you're feeling that day and check over your signed form. 

Next, the nurse will give you the vaccine in your upper arm. You might feel a pinch or some pressure or pushing when you are given the needle. This will only last a few seconds.

How will I feel after I have my vaccine?

Lots of kids don’t feel any different after getting a vaccine. Some kids might have a mild reaction like a sore arm or some redness or swelling where the vaccine was given. The nurses will make sure you’re feeling good before you go back to class. 

What if I am afraid of needles?

If you’re afraid of needles, you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel anxious or worried about shots. In the next part of the lesson, you will learn what you can do to make shots more comfortable and make immunization day easier.



  Feb 13, 2024