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Unit Plan: Roles and Responsibilities Within Canada’s Three Levels of Government

Unit Plan: Roles and Responsibilities Within Canada’s Three Levels of Government

Created by a middle school teacher, Canada

In Canada, our constitution lays out unique roles and responsibilities for each of our levels of government. Understanding each role ensures students are empowered as citizens to know where to turn for a particular concern and to better understand governmental conflicts when these roles are unclear or overlap. 

This unit plan has adaptations for elementary, middle years and secondary years. After the initial activating discussion and worksheets followed by the lessons on Kids Boost Immunity, students are given two options of activities to apply learning. Either create a symbol/word web showing how different levels of government connect, or identify a job or responsibility they feel their municipal government does very well.

This unit plan overview provides links to accompanying teacher support materials that include:

  • Student worksheets and answer guides 

  • Inquiry activities 

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Teachers can use/adapt any of these materials as needed.

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Mar 14, 2022