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Primary and Secondary Sources (4-7)

Primary and Secondary Sources (4-7)

Sort IT!  Primary and Secondary Sources
This sorting activity involves processing skills. Students are asked to demonstrate their learning through identifying primary and secondary sources from a general list provided. There is a literacy component as students are prompted to write neatly, spell correctly, and use capitals correctly.

Suggest and Check IT! Other Primary and Secondary Sources
A second part of the activity engages students in inquiry as they consider other examples for each of the primary and secondary sources. Criteria is provided to guide students in assessing whether a source fits into either a primary or secondary category.

These activities have been designed to work with the TRAAP lesson in the Critical Thinking & Evaluating Information section of Kids Boost Immunity.

Answer key to the first activity is provided at the bottom of this page (must be logged in as a teacher to access).

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Nov 13, 2021