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KBI for Scotland

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Kids Boost Immunity (KBI) is a World Health Organization accredited online educational resource that pairs local learning with a global reward: vaccines for children in developing countries through Unicef. Originally developed in Canada, lessons have been developed with Education Scotland to align with Scotland’s science, health and social studies Curriculum for Excellence.

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How it fits the Scottish Curriculum

Our content provides a unique and tailored interactive classroom experience that has been carefully developed with Education Scotland to align with Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. In particular, our current lessons meet the learning outcomes of S1-S3 science, health and wellbeing, and social studies. 

For more details, you can download the Scottish curriculum fit document here. 


How it works

We provide dozens of classroom activities and teacher resources, each of which are paired with an online quiz that students can take on a computer, tablet, or phone. 

The secret lies in our most unique aspect: Every time a student scores 80% or higher on a quiz, we will donate life-saving vaccines to UNICEF UK. The amount of vaccines we donate depends on the student’s performance, further incentivizing students to retain and meet curricular competencies.

With this unique reward, students are able to personally relate their classroom learning within a greater global context. By “earning” real vaccines, KBI gives the opportunity to empower students with a global, life-saving accomplishment.

Furthermore, we provide an opportunity for classes to compete against each other across Scotland and globally against Canadian schools, through leader boards and classroom team structures. Teachers can encourage their class to become the top earning team across all of Scotland! 


100% of Content Provided for Free

Perhaps best of all: all of the resources, lessons, and quizzes on KBI are available to you entirely free.


The privacy of you and your students is of utmost importance at KBI. While we do require teachers to provide some information in order to prevent fraudulent accounts, we do not require or store any personal/identifiable information about students. For more information, read our full privacy policy here.

  Aug 11, 2020