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How You Can Help KBI

Do you support our mission and want to help us? There are several ways to help Kids Boost Immunity!

1 - Help fund the vaccines

For every quiz that a student passes, we give a vaccine donation to UNICEF Canada. If you'd like to help us continue to be able to award vaccines, you can do so directly by providing a tax-deductible donation to UNICEF Canada through this link.

*Please note that for us to benefit from your contributions, you must donate through this specific link.

2 - Spread the Word!

Help classrooms discover Kids Boost Immunity! The more students participate, the more impact we can make together.

Teachers - Do you know a teacher that should use Kids Boost Immunity? Use our teacher referral tool to send them an email quickly, and tell them that you think Kids Boost Immunity would be an excellent fit for them. (you must be signed in as a teacher to use this tool)

Health Care Providers - New this year, health care providers can join Kids Boost Immunity! Are you a school nurse, a public health worker, or in some form of health care promotion? You can now explore all of the lessons and quizzes available to students. You can also help spread the word by talking to your local schools. We've even created a health care provider FAQ and handy toolkit for you to use.

  Nov 30, 2022